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Treasured Time grants the wishes of parents with life-threatening illnesses who want to create a lasting memory with their children.

A moment in Treasured Time...


Meet the Ouellette Family

Debra Ouellette, the mother of our newest family, has a family of six children. She is currently fighting stage 4 liver cancer, which has forced her out of work and due to this she is unfortunately about to lose her home. Debra believed, that due to her hardships, she would never be able to get her wish of taking all of her children on a cruise. She began saving for this special trip, but when she found out she had cancer, all of the money she saved went directly to her treatments.

Meet the Aresta Family

Stacey and Mark Aresta of Naugatuck are the perfect fairytale story. They met at just 18 years old, fell in love, and have been married for the last 20 years! They have three beautiful children, Trevor, 15, Teresa, 13, and Elizabeth, 8 and dreamed of one day being foster parents. Sadly, last year their fairytale turned into a nightmare when Stacey was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. Stacey has 4 tumors on her breasts, 6 tumors in her liver, and is undergoing more tests to determine if the spots on her lungs are scar tissue or additional tumors. Stacey is undergoing treatment at the Leever Center in Waterbury, and will undergo treatment the rest of her life as the cancer is inoperable.  Read More